Measure & Care of Paddle

How to Care for Your Thetis Paddles
(you should always have more than one!)

Each Thetis paddle blade is protected with fiberglass and epoxy resin for strength. The shaft and blades are then coated with 2-3 coats of exterior varnish to further protect them from the elements.
Over time, use, storage, transportation, water, and sunlight can break down the polyurethane coatings.

Your Thetis paddle doesn't need any special care. You may want to treat your paddle to a paddle bag to transport you paddle in style.

If the finish of the paddle does become scratched or worn through, you can easily repair it yourself.

Simply rub the area with a fine grit abrasive until it is smooth and dull.
Apply two or three thin coats of solvent-based (or appropriate water-based) outdoor or marine grade varnish (you may substitute with polyurethane). Rub lightly with the fine abrasive between coats for a better finish.

When the last coat is dry you are ready for the water!

If the wood is damaged, sand the area with 200-grit sandpaper to smooth the wood and remove any discoloration. Treat the sanded area with 3-4 coats of varnish or polyurethane as described above.

If the job is more than you can handle, we will repair it for you for a small charge.

Questions? We are always glad to answer any questions you may have! Just email us!