Monday, March 21, 2011

"New Paddle in Town"

There's a new paddle in town! Check out this beautiful (and fully functional) paddle with a walnut blade. Not only will it get you down the river fast but it will help you look cool at the same time! Who could ask for more. Priced at $150.00 - how can you go wrong?
Order this beauty today!


  1. I've read about some bamboo use for paddles but the main issue iv'e come across in reading is the gluing. From what I understand there can be difficulty in getting the glue to bond.

    Do you use a normal wood glue, or does epoxy do a better job?

    -Paddle Dan

  2. I only use epoxy glue or polyurethane glue for the bamboo portion. It is also sandwiched between fiberglass cloth and epoxy.

    I have never had a bamboo blade come apart and if one ever does, I will repair/replace.

    Sorry for the delayed response - I've been mowing the XXX***xxx lawn!

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